Gennaro Boccia was born in Turin in 1983, graduated in Exercise and Sport Science in 2009, he earned his PhD degree in “Complex systems in medicine and life science” in 2013. Continued the academic path as postdoctoral fellow at the Neuromuscular Function Unit of the Motor Science Research Center (University of Turin) and then at the CeRiSM Research Center “Sport, Mountain, nd Health” (University of Verona). He is a certified strength and conditioning coach (NSCA) and he worked as strength and conditioning coach of young basketball players until a short time ago.
He studies methodological issues and practical applications of electromyography to characterize physical exercise, strength training, motor control, and neuromuscular fatigue. He has been a wide range of teaching experiences in undergraduate courses, professional postgraduate education, national and international congresses of sport coaches.
He has been a reviewer for the following journals: Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology, Muscle and Nerve, International journal of sports medicine, and Archives of Physiotherapy.



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