Welcome to the MAC Project

Be aware about the healthy of your neuromuscular system!

Motor Activity Certification (MAC) is a project aiming to offer to each healthy individual the opportunity to point the attention to her/his own physical capabilities. Most of us are not aware about physical status which is often considered healthy since in absence of illness. MAC collects cutting-edge technologies to track and score motor activities in a standardized environment.

Balance, posture, motion capture, quantitative EEG and EMG, interactive experience, are topics of research at the Motor Science Research Center of SUISM, University of Turin and will all be included in MAC in a easy-to-use way. The main challenge is to use the state of the art technologies and findings available from the scientific literature and internationally accepted to provide affordable approaches, whereas the final user will experience a friendly and transparent interface to assess her/his motor activity score.


At the end of the test, each subject will receive an overall score of the performance. It is obtained by other four scores related to specific capacities (sensory-motor, cognitive, force, balance). The subject will return home with suggested home-exercise aimed to increase the weak capacity and to try MAC again later improving results.